Excursions in Belize and Guatemala

Sailing and Snorkeling

January 2011

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It was late in the day by the time we left the pine ridge area, and it was a long drive to Placencia where the boat was at anchor.

We ended up driving in the dark, and it was not fun. The roads are narrow and winding in places and have no shoulder in most places. There are frequently people and biycles on the road, and the same dog seemed to keep showing up around every few curves. We were relieved to finally roll into Placencia.

We stopped by Yoli's, and Yoli's daughter Shri gave us a ride out to the boat. After a good night's sleep on Malakii, we sailed out to Laughingbird Caye for an afternoon of snorkeling.

Malakii Malakii
Malakii on the Buoy at Laughingbird Caye Malakii

Laughing Bird Dona Sid
Dona and Sid, Lunch

Laughing Bird Sid Laughing Bird Sid
Sid Sid
Laughing Bird Sid
Photo by Dona

We didn't know it at the time, but Dona was having a severe reaction to the anti-malarial medications she was taking. That medicine was Mefloquine Hydrochloride (Mefloquine HCL, aka Lariam, Mephaquin, or Mefliam), and we would highly NOT recommend it. Since then, we have had all sorts of bad reports from friends who have had bad experiences with it. People going blind, permanently losing memory... So Sid and I did some snorkeling while Dona hung out.

Laughing Bird Laughing Bird Dona Sid
Laughing Bird Dona and Sid

We had a great sail back from Laughingbird Caye, as the wind had picked up a bit. Sid liked the "bigger waves," although they weren't very big. But they were just right for a good sail, and Dona could relax on deck since she wasn't feeling great.

Dona Sailing
Dona Sailing Back to Placencia

Yoli Regan Yolis Sunset
Yoli and Regan Sunset from Yoli's Place

The next day we hopped back in the car and started our return to Belize City where we would drop Sid off at the airport. But we still had stuff to see along the way. Our first stop was at Cockscomb, also known as the Jaguar Preserve.