Excursions in Belize and Guatemala

Cockscomb, the Jaguar Preserve

January 2011

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Cockscomb is one of Belize's great natural areas. It was created to protect habitat for the endangered Jaguar, but has served as a haven for all of the inhabitants of the jungle.

We stopped to do a little hiking. We would have liked to hike to the top of Mt. Victoria or the Outlier peak, but we didn't have time for either of those. So we checked out a crashed airplane and took a hike to the top of Ben's Bluff instead.

Lizard Cockscomb Bens Bluff Fern
Lizard Fern
Photo by Dona
Plane Sign
All About the Wreck

Plane Gary Plane
Gary and Sid Wrecked Plane

It was hot, and we were pretty dehydrated and pooped when we reached the top of Ben's Bluff. I'm not sure we would have done that well on a hike to the top of the Outlier, let along Mt. Victoria.

Cockscomb Bens Bluff Mt Victoria Cockscomb Bens Bluff Mt Victoria Outlier
Mt. Victoria from Ben's Bluff
Photo by Dona
Mt. Victoria and Outlier from Ben's Bluff
Photo by Dona

When we got to the top of Ben's Bluff, we met three young women from Australia. They were on a long trip. Something I wish every young person could do, as it gives them a true world perspective.

Bens Bluff Mt Victoria Bens Bluff
Mt. Victoria View from Ben's Bluff

Bens Bluff Sign Bens Bluff Sign
All About Victoria Peak All About Ben's Bluff

Bens Bluff Sid Dona Cockscomb Bens Bluff Gary Sid
Sid and Dona Gary and Sid
Photo by Dona

I didn't have a tripod or a clamp with me, so had a bit of difficulty rigging my camera to get a photo of all three of us.

Cockscomb Camera Stand Cockscomb Camera Stand Bens Bluff Sid Dona Gary Bens Bluff Sid Dona Gary
Camera Stand
Photo by Dona
Camera Stand
Photo by Dona
Sid, Dona and Gary Sid, Dona and Gary

We were soaked with sweat, and there is a nice pool on the way down, so at least some of us took a dip. It felt great!

Cockscomb Falls Gary Cockscomb Trail
Cockscomb Falls Gary
Photo by Dona
Cockscomb Trail
Photo by Dona

We left Cockscomb and continued on toward the Community Baboon Sanctuary, where we spent the night.