What went on, Summer 2016
Or at least a directory of photos.

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Float down the S. Fork Flathead River

We delivered a piano to our son who just moved to Redmond, Oregon. While there we helped with jobs around their new house, took the grandkids on a few outings, and I spent a day climbing at Smith Rocks.

Climbing at Mulkey Gulch

It's been hot, in the high 80s and low 90s. But we managed to find a cool side of the rocks to climb on in Mulkey Gulch.

Jack and Sam's Excellent Adventure in Montana

Jack and Sam came to visit with their parents and we did a lot of cool stuff. We did some real work as well as have fun.

Ian and Jenny visit with Autumn and Hayden

Then Ian and Jenny came up with Autumn and Hayden. We only had a few days but we had a great visit and a good time, especially playing in the tree house.

Camden's and Laythum's Excellent Adventure on the Green River

I met up with old best friends in Desolation and Gray canyons of the Green River in Utah. It was a first canyon river trip for their grandkids, and a great time for all. We hiked side canyons, chased lizards, paddled rapids, got good-n-wet, ate great food, slept out under the stars, pondered petroglyphs, climbed some rocks, watched a dragon-fly orgy, made s'mores, played in the sand, and generally didn't think about the modern world and Donald Trump.