Hike up Windy Pass with Ian, Trudy and Indy,
July 2007

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We decided to take a hike up Windy Pass one weekend. It would help get us in shape for our planned back-pack into Turquoise Lake. The upper part of the hike is through an area burned in the 1988 Canyon Creek fire. It's a cool place with a lot of rock, and great cairns along the trail. It's a hot, dry hike, but there is water at the top. Indy was happy to find that... In spite of the 100+ degree heat, there were a few small snowfields left.

Indy inspecting a cairn Ian behind tree stump
Indy inspecting a cairn Who goes there?
Nearing the top Nearing the top Nearing the top Trudy nearing the top
Nearing the top Trudy

Indy zipped right along, checking out all the smells and critters along the way. Not bad for a 14 year old dog with artificial knees.

Indy on top Lunch on top
Indy on Top Lunch on Top